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Mining industry

US Mining ERP: US Mining ERP Covers As Below

1. Contracts

  • Mining Contract
  • Purchase Contract
  • Screening Contract
  • Washing Contract
  • Transport Contract
  • Quality Test Agency Contract
  • Quantity Survey Contract
  • Railway Contract
2. Approval of Each Contracts.

3. Analysis/Test Module:

  • Quality/Quantity Analysis/Test Request Entry
  • Quality/Quantity Analysis/Test Report Entry
  • Strip Ratio
4. Logistic Module

Road Module
Delivery Order
way Bill
Weighment at weighbridge
Inward at Various Stock Piles with Purchase Provision Accounting Entry
Godown Transfer Outward at Various StockPiles
General Outward
Purchase Bill Passing
Freight Bill Passing
Railway Module
Weekly Business Request to Railway Dept.
Approval & Assignment of Trains against Weekly Business Request Entry from Railway.
Railway Rake Entry
Railway Inward Entry at Various Stock Piles with Coal Purchase Provision accounting entry & Railway Provision Freight Booking.
Off Loading at Various Stock Piles & Port
Railway Freight Booking with Different Penalties.
Coal Purchase Bill Passing with Purchase Provision Entry.
Coal Purchase Bill Passing Monthly Adjustment Provision Entry. (CV/NCV/Moisture etc.)
Coal Purchase Bill Passing Monthly Adjustment Entry. (CV/NCV/Moisture etc.)
5. Diesel Module

  • Diesel Cost Master
  • Diesel Slip
  • Update Diesel Slip with Provision Accounting Entry.
  • Diesel BillPassing
6. Export Module:

  • Export Contract.
  • Export Contract Approval
  • Vessel Nomination
  • Load Port Nomination
  • Discharge Port Nomination
  • Contract Link with Vessel
  • Load Port Activity
  • Discharge Port Activity
  • Vessel Link with Test Reports
  • Bill of Landing
  • Sales Order Entry
  • Do Entry
  • Shipment Planning
  • Stowage Plan
  • Demurrage & Dispatch
  • Commercial Invoice entry
  • Confirmation of Commercial Entry & Accounting Entry
  • Export Documentation